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CarmecLogistics is able to integrate warehouse and storage management together with production flow, space and products distribution.

We propose ourselves as your perfect partner, specialists in transform materials and resources in competitive advantages for your firm. Committed to your business and needs, our philosophy is based on using high-quality brands, synonymous of excellence and reliability.

Featured Products

half Tramezza 80x120x300

half Tramezza 80x120x300 four outputs.

Block Alveolater 240x300x240

Block Alveolater 240x300x240 three outputs with conical mouth and double external ...

BT Reflex Serie N

RRE120M / RRE140M / RRE160M Suitable for medium-intensity operations, the BT Reflex N-series ...

Block Alveolater 150x250x250

Block Alveolater 150x250x250 six outputs with conical mouth and single external calibration.

LHE 130

The BT tyro LHE130 is the new entry level model of the perfect electric pallet truck for light ...

Roof tile Siciliano

Roof tile Siciliano two outputs.

Thermal block 200x300x250

Thermal block 200x300x250 three outputs with conical mouth and single external calibration.